Will be KNOCK OUT!

I don't know what's the way that my life is walking. I don't know if tomorrow will be sunny or the people's envy will put me bad. I don't know if the life prefers a good ending or a bad one for myself. I used to think "I'm here now, with you, and this is the most important thing in the world. You & I, Both ... Two pure souls" ... But passional people ... and humans ... A man and a woman that commit mistakes ... Sinful people. But you were my complement! You were my full. You were the only one that made me cry before December 11, 2009 ... You were the only one that I loved before December 11, 2009 ... You used to be the reason of my life before December 11, 2009 ... You used to be everything that I needed ... but no more ... You didn't console me when I needed it ... You never were there, with me ... Why you failed me?
So , you aren't in my life any more ... You used to be prohibite to me ... and this was a tentation ... But now ... I choose to never see you again ... 'Cause you aren't important ... I don't care ... But first I have to take revenge ... Sorry baby ... But you aren't an angel ... so you got that you deserved ... It's your fault ... so ... HACETE CARGO! In other way ... will be KNOCK OUT!

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