Take me back to when my world was one block wide!

Can we fly? I'm sure that we can do everything we want. 'Cause the power we need is here, inside us. Today I'm a bit nostalgic . I was watching an old movie called "The land before time" I'm sure that everyone who saw it is agrees with me, it's the best movie ever. Well, maybe too much! But It's one of the best movies of my childhood! After Aladdin, of course! And I remember that time, those beautiful years when everything I did was to play. Time with no problems, at least for me. Well, I'm sure at that time I could fly! 'Cause I was free! I was light like a feather, I hadn't got a lot of bad things in my head! My world was different, I hadn't got the same priorities, and my world was a perfect fantasy! I wish I could be back then!

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