Maybe I loved someone who I didn't have to.
I chose the wrong way, and I met the devil in the depths of hell.
'Cause I'm like him, gripping, catchy, dangerous...
But though You know You can't avoid falling into your trap again.
You're like a drug to me, my own brand drug...
But although that sounds funny, I like it! I like this adrenaline that runs through my veins when I am with you.
It is so dangerous, I enjoy it, yet I suffer, it's hard to keep at bay with you, being so strong that feeling that fills me when I'm around you, and your reactions so unexpected, I can not understand you and I love it!
But It's so hard to control myself, stand you so very, very close to me! This passion will end up killing me, if anything can kill me. I would give anything for you, I ... I'm already yours. If this were true, if there is a love so passionate and beautiful like the Edward and Bella's love. Oh! I would be delighted!

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